Friday, 30 May 2008

Sea Bass with Rocket Pesto

So I decided it had been too long since I'd eaten Sea Bass and had to cook some up for dinner. I hunted around for some quick-n-easy recipes to try out but I still wanted to taste the fish itself since it is probably the most delicious fish I've tasted (still never tried John Dory though - could it dethrone the bass?)

Eventually I found a recipe for a straightforward Sea Bass Fillet with Rocket Pesto and Fresh Rocket which I more or less followed. The fish was prepared the easiest way possible - pan-fried with a little butter and white wine - and the pesto simply involved a bit of ingredient frying and blitzing in a blender.

The result of this was what you can see above - a delicious piece of fish with some peppery-freshness from the rocket, both fresh and pesto. A pretty tasty light dinner overall.

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