Saturday, 24 May 2008

Carrot & Corriander Souprise

Yeah, that's right. Souprise. Gold.

Pretty simple soup for summer or spring (I don't think it's summer yet?). Anyway it's so easy to make, someone with no hands and only 2 out of the 5 senses could do it. Here we go:

Take a bunch of carrots, I used quite a lot but it made 2 bowls worth. Chuck them into a pot with diced onion and chicken stock and powdered corriander. It takes a while to cook, so go and paint a picture or something. When you can't bear waiting anymore go add some fresh corriander and give it a stir. Next you can go the smooth route (if you have less backbone than a worm) or you can be a man and have a lumpy soup. Because I still have a full set of working teeth and can chew my food I simply mashed up the mixture then took a handwhisk to it for good measure to break the carrots up. Then just serve in a bowl and top with yet more corriander and if you want to make it a bit creamy add some cream or milk if you are poor. Voila, cheap and tastey soup.

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